Monday, October 11, 2004

All friends round the Wrekin

You may have noticed the little Statcounter box further down this site. It tells me how many people have visited it, where they come from, which link they have clicked to get here and all sorts of other useful things. This service is free and I strongly recommend it.

Thanks to it, I came across a link to one of my posts on Shropshire from All Friends Round the Wrekin.

The Wrekin is a hill in Shropshire and also a symbol of the county. The site aims:
  • To raise funds and demonstrate wide public support for the Shropshire Wildlife Trust-led bid to bring The Wrekin into public ownership;
  • To give everyone who cares a voice in the future of The Wrekin and a way of representing their views to its owners and managers;
  • To keep as many people as possible as informed about the present value and future management of The Wrekin;
  • To provide a way for people to become actively involved in the preservation of The Wrekin.

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