Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Tory freedom

An editorial in the Guardian this morning complains that:
In the video shown to delegates before Mr Howard's entrance, freedom was a central theme (to the stirring accompaniment of Elgar's Nimrod); in his speech, he had almost nothing to say about it.
David Davis has now fleshed out Tory proposals to increase our freedom. They include:
  • "20,000 extra prison places."
  • "We will support, encourage and accelerate the implementation of random drug-testing of pupils."
The sort of people who attend Conservative Party conferences certainly want freedom for themselves. But even more, they want the state do nasty things to people of whom they disapprove.
Unless leading Tories stop indulging this absurd view of the world - a mirror image of the class war tendency in the Labour Party - they will have no chance of forming a government again.

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