Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ricin plot: More doubts

Two articles cast further doubt over the story the mainstream media have been reporting.

Bill DurodiƩ, on the Spiked website, points out that there was no ricin and sign of a conspiracy either:

Notably, all of the supposed co-conspirators in this case have been cleared of the charges, so there was no evidence of an organised al-Qaeda 'cell' either. The jurors should be commended for reaching this verdict in the context of the constant bombardment about sinister individuals and organisations to which we have all been subjected since 9/11.
And in the Guardian Duncan Campbell writes about some of the ironies of the case:

All the information roads led west, not to Kabul but to California and the US midwest. The recipes for ricin now seen on the internet were invented 20 years ago by survivalist Kurt Saxon. He advertises videos and books on the internet. Before the ricin ring trial started, I phoned him in Arizona. For $110, he sent me a fistful of CDs and videos on how to make bombs, missiles, booby traps - and ricin.

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