Monday, April 25, 2005

Who now remembers the Armenians?

Armenians around the world have commemorated the 90th anniversary of the killings of hundreds of thousands of people by the Ottoman Empire
reports the BBC

For more background on the Armenian genocide read this article by Robert Fisk, which was published in the Independent on 28 January 2000:
"Who now remembers the Armenians?" Hitler asked, just before he embarked on the destruction of European Jewry. Precious few, it seems. As the memorial day for the Nazi genocide against the Jews was proclaimed by Mr Blair this week, there was not a single reference to the slaughter of one and a half million Armenian Christians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915. The world's first holocaust - and Hitler's inspiration for the slaughter of the Jews - was ignored.


Anonymous said...

Did Hitler never say: "who now remembers the Indians?"
In regard to the Indian holocaust which took place slowly from 1620 to 1890.

Anonymous said...

It's different, for pretty simple reasons. The genocide of the armenians was planned and was exceuted at once. The destruction of native american civilizations was not planned, and took place over hundreds of years-and it can hardly be said that no one remembers the lack of indians in the US or how they dissapeared, whereas many people do not realize that there even WAS an armenian genocide.

Anonymous said...

And An Gorta Mor up to 2 million Irish people died and many million more had to leave their country in coffin ships. At the same time the country had more than enough food to feed its people and a government that promised to look after a people they took control but instead fanned the flames of genocide. There are skeletons in all the powers closets.