Wednesday, November 29, 2006

White House aide "ashamed" at treatment of Blair

Powerful stuff on the front page of tomorrow's Times:
In a devastating verdict on Tony Blair’s decision to back war in Iraq and his “totally one-sided” relationship with President Bush, a senior US State Department official has said that Britain’s role as a bridge between America and Europe is now “disappearing before our eyes”.

Kendall Myers, a State Department analyst, disclosed that for all Britain’s attempts to influence US policy in recent years, “we typically ignore them and take no notice — it’s a sad business”.

He added that he felt “a little ashamed” at Mr Bush’s treatment of the Prime Minister, who had invested so much of his political capital in standing shoulder to shoulder with America after 9/11.
The story quotes Ming Campbell:
“These remarks reflect a real sense of distaste among thinking Americans for Mr Blair’s apparent slavish support for President Bush . . . The special relationship needs to be rebalanced, rethought and renewed.”
Look too for Denis MacShane making a fool of himself.

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Ian Thorpe said...

Well I think everyone in England except Tony Blair already knew that.
A lot of non - thinking Americans are under the impression that our soldiers in Iraq are under American command.