Thursday, November 02, 2006

Walberswick to Dunwich

Last summer I walked along the sea wall from Walberswick to Dunwich. I am glad that I did, because it may no longer be possible.

The Guardian reports:

The washing away of sea defences on the Suffolk coast could have caused irreparable damage to a nature reserve that is home to one of Britain's rarest bird species, it was revealed today.

A combination of a surge tide and strong north-westerly winds destroyed a mile-long section of shingle and dune bank between Walberswick and Dunwich, north of Ipswich, yesterday.

It goes on to say that it is unlikely that the sea wall will be repaired because of the costs involved and the government's policy of "managed retreat" for vulnerable coastal stretches.

Dunwich is famous as the town that was lost to the sea, although ultimatley the changing course of the River Blyth had more to do with its decline than its eroding cliffs did.

Anyway, here is a plug for Bridge Nurseries and its tearoom and a picture of one of Dunwich's lost churches.


mac jordan said...

one of my favourite places in the world, that - very sad :(

Anonymous said...

me and my wife have just had a weeks holday in dunwich we were
horrified to see on the news today that the shingle bank will
only be replaced once more i agree with you mac it is one of our favorite places in the world
same old thing MONEY !