Thursday, April 09, 2020

James Mason returns to Huddersfield

This is Home James, a Yorkshire Television documentary from 1972.

As the blurb on YouTube points out, Mason:
says his mother's attitude to the town rubbed off on him: "She was always reaching for a grander way of life that was more than could be expected of Huddersfield." By this time he'd come to value Huddersfield people: "To me it's the way they talk, the way they build, the way they live their lives" and above all, it's what they do with their time off. The town's rich musical tradition, the trips to nearby Holy Trinity Church and rugby league were all part of Mason's own childhood.
It goes on to point out that Huddersfield has paid its own homage to this great actor.
In 2004 another very well-known Huddersfield thespian Patrick Stewart unveiled a bust of Mason which now has pride of place in the foyer of the town's Lawrence Batley Theatre. There's a blue plaque on Huddersfield Library and there's another plaque across the road from Croft House which was demolished in the 1970s. There's even a close named after him in the same street!

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David Raw said...

Ayup, Jonathan lad, tha's made me homesick.