Sunday, June 27, 2021

Adam Faith: I Survived

No, it's not a great record, but it's an interesting one.

In 1974 I was all over Radio One, Radio Luxembourg and the charts, which means I have a lot of half-remembered songs at the back of my mind.

This is one of them and I recently discovered what it is.

Adam Faith was one of the pioneers of British rock, but his ballads suddenly sounded old-fashioned when groups took over the scene.

By 1974 he was better known as an actor than a singer, and a very good actor he was. Talking Pictures channel recently repeated Budgie, his finest hour on television.

I Survived was not a hit in the UK, but here it is on Top of the Tops.

Faith's last top 20 single was ten years in the past by then. In 1974 that was a lifetime to me: today it seems the blink of an eye.

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