Sunday, August 01, 2021

Drupi: Vado Via

Beach Baby, my choice of two weeks ago, generated a response, so here is another excursion into the charts of 1974.

That January, Vado Via made number in the 17 UK singles chart, making it a rare foreign language hit. (The previous one had been Steeleye Span's Gaudette, which was in Latin.)

Maybe the Italian lyrics helped it. You can tell something emotional is going on, but are not sure what, leaving you free to write your own story.

Drupi took his name from the cartoon character Droopy - he was born Giampiero Anelli in Italy. As an adult he lived in Austria and worked as a plumber when not singing in bands.

He performed Vado Via at the 1973 Sanremo Music Festival. It finished last in the competition, but that didn't stop it becoming a hit across Europe.

Judging by his website, Drupi was still in the music business well into this century..

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