Friday, August 13, 2021

Lenny Harper interviewed on the Jersey child abuse scandal and other crimes

Here is the YouTube blurb for this impressive interview:

Lenny Harper was an outstanding detective who came to police the island of Jersey bringing his experience of Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the Gorbals, Soho and many other extremely tough postings.  

He describes himself as a 'gutter' or 'sewer' cop, ready to deal with the worst of society.  Although he was not told at the time, this was why he was selected by his chief, Graham Power, to head operations in Jersey.  He found the elite society of Jersey to be at least as much of a sewer as anywhere he had been before.

Lenny found himself in an extraordinary but sometimes hilarious situation, trying to police serious crimes of corruption, gun crime and systemic child abuse, while the ruling elite of Jersey tried to sabotage his every effort and thwart his attempts to bring justice to the island.

The BBC Storyville documentary on the case, Dark Secrets of a Trillion Dollar Island, is still on iPlayer.

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