Saturday, August 12, 2023

Who murdered the Princes in the Tower? Nobody

Click on Millais's painting of the princes to listen to Matt Lewis's Gone Medieval podcast on their fate.

If you want a clue to the line he takes, he is the author of The Survival of the Princes in the Tower:

The murder of the Princes in the Tower is the most famous cold case in British history.

Traditionally considered victims of a ruthless uncle, there are other suspects too often and too easily discounted. There may be no definitive answer, but by delving into the context of their disappearance and the characters of the suspects Matthew Lewis examines the motives and opportunities afresh as well as asking a crucial but often overlooked question: what if there was no murder? What if Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York survived their uncle's reign and even that of their brother-in-law Henry VII?

There are glimpses of their possible survival and compelling evidence to give weight to those glimpses, which is considered alongside the possibility of their deaths to provide a rounded and complete assessment of the most fascinating mystery in history.


Ian Patterson said...

Deposed English Kings, Edward ll, Richard ll, Henry Vi did not long survive their deposition. Edward V would have been no different in that period. Usurper Kings, Henry IV, Edward IV and Richard lll did not want their predecessors retuning to bite them.

Tom Barney said...

Classic schoolboy howler:
Q: Say briefly what you know about the princes in the tower.
A: Two. Smothered.