Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Sorry Liz Truss: Barking dogs don't keep drones away from prisons

Remember this? Sadly the claim that barking dogs deter drones seem no to be true, as we still have a problem with drugs, phones and other illicit good being smuggled into prisons that way,

From the Leicester Mercury:

A drug dealing gang used drones to smuggle around £1 million worth of contraband into prisons. Among the group's targets was HMP Gartree in Leicestershire.

The group was led by 47-year-old Lucy Adcock who organised 22 drops in a month across six UK prisons. HMP Gartree, in Market Harborough, was among the mum's targets before she was eventually apprehended, reports Wales Online. ...

Adcock's other targets including the troubled Welsh prison HMP Parc in Bridgend. It was in April last year when prison staff discovered a dropped package containing illicit items valued at £50,000 on the prison market, including Class A and B drugs and mobile phones.

Turns out it wasn't just the dogs who were barking.

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