Thursday, September 03, 2009

Conservative bloggers cheer Nigel Farage on against Bercow

Nigel Farage's announcement that he is to stand against John Bercow, the Commons Speaker, in his Buckingham constituency at the next election has excited the Conservative blogosphere.

"Yes He Can!" crows Tory Bear, complete with Obamaesque graphic.

"Go Nigel Go" cries Dizzy Thinks.

And Iain Dale says: "I'm glad I don't live in Buckingham." (I take this an admission that he would find it hard to maintain party loyalty if he lived in the constituency, rather than as a general assault on the this blameless Home Counties town.)

As well as being a champion blogger, remember, Iain was a Tory PPC in what they thought was a winnable seat at the last general election.

(Later. You can add Tim Montgomerie at Conservative Home: "I'd be tempted to vote UKIP if I lived in Buckingham.")

All of which reminds us what a hard job David Cameron continues to have in keeping his party in the political mainstream. The headbangers and beggar-kickers are constantly threatening to escape from the wicker hamper into which he has crammed them. He is sitting on it heavily, but they are not going to stop pushing.

If Cameron does win the next election it is easy to imagine defections to UKIP - at least in the blogosphere - once he begins to make the compromises that become inevitable in power.

UKIP could also emerge as a threat to the Tories in Westminster by-elections.

You heard it here first.

With thanks to Oberon Houston and Soho Politico.

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Mark Thompson said...

That "wicker basket" metaphor is fantastic and had me doing an LOL.


Mark said...

Funnily enough "I'm glad I don't live in Buckingham" is exactly the comment I posted on the Graun's article.

Not for quite the same reason, though, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that some of the rah sods that make up a large part of the top end of Iain Dale's lavender list haven't yet made that leap into the maw of UKIP yet; it would be a far more appropriate home for them. The one crumb of comfort if that were to happen would hopefully be the start of a much-needed paradigm shift in British politics. Then again, look at the SDP...

Pity poor Buckingham by the way. Let us not forget that while before Bercow they were represented by all-round reasonable chap George Walden, they've had a history of very rum MPs there; Cap'n Bob Maxwell and Monday Clubber Bill Benyon among them.

Richard T said...

Is it possible that when Mr Farage is exposed to the rigours of a single constituency battle, he may be more exposed than he has been on a regional list?

Lavengro said...

If Cameron wins, he will turn up for his first European Council meeting in June having seriously upset the people who run Germany, France and Italy, and those who might well be running Spain in two years' time. How will he handle that?

Boris Johnson's moans about people being out to get the City of London must also be seen in the context of the UK's Euroscepticism in general and his party's loony alliance in particular.

Anonymous said...

This is one life-long Tory that welcomes Nigel Farage's intention to stand for election as our MP for Buckingham, and is assured of my vote.
Bercow should have 'crossed the floor' a long time ago and he continues to represent Buckingham by flying under false colours.

Anonymous said...

I've just been to a funeral where someone was buried in a wicker coffin.

No comment on whether it looked like a picnic hamper.