Saturday, September 03, 2011

Great Central wagon repair works, Upperton Road, Leicester

If ever I am at a loss for something to photograph, I have a look at the the Leicester Mercury and see what the city council or De Montfort University or someone else is planning to pull down next.

Today it was the former Great Central Railway wagon repair works in Upperton Road, which developers want to demolish so they can build student accommodation.

In all honesty the old works, more recently occupied by C P H (Thurmaston) Ltd, does not look this picturesque from every angle. But it is a part of the city's vanishing railway history and it will be a shame if a new use cannot be found for it. There are plenty of nondescript new buildings in this part of Leicester. A bit of contrast would make it more interesting.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for the student accommodation bubble to burst.


Anonymous said...

Shurely "this part of Leicester"?

Anonymous said...

Great Central Railway Through Leicester has more photos, as well as a record of the Bowbridge and other demolitions.