Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Richard Reeves on John Stuart Mill

In 2007 Richard Reeves published John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand, a biography and account of the great Liberal's thought. In 2010 he became special adviser to Nick Clegg.

I find it encouraging that we have such a good Liberal in this role. It is well worth listening to this lecture, given at the University of Richmond, Virginia, in September 2009 under the title "The Individual and Society: How Would Mill Define ‘The Common Good'?"

Incidentally, my 2007 Liberator article Why John Stuart Mill is the greatest Liberal owed an indecent amount to Reeves.


David said...

Love Reeves' quote from the Headmaster of Stowe who said his job was "to turn out boys who are acceptable at a dance and invaluable in a shipwreck".

Simon Titley said...

Unfortunately Reeves rather blotted his copybook by coming up with the idiotic concept of 'Alarm Clock Britain'.