Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The lamps are going out all over Shropshire

In July 2010 I blogged about Leicestershire County Council's attempts to save money by turning out street lights at night.

Now Shropshire is implementing a more ambitious programme along the same lines:
Shropshire Council approved proposals to convert 70 per cent of its streetlights to ‘part-night lighting’ in September 2011, meaning they are lit until midnight and then switch themselves off until 5.30am. Work is due to start on the first lights in the programme in mid-June.
The Shropshire website talks about kilowatt-hours of power and tonnes of carbon, but does not say how much money is being saved. In Leicestershire, remarkably, it was claimed that turning off night-time lighting in seven villages and along 50 rural roads would save "up to £700,000 a year".

In that original post I supported the move partly on the grounds that it would reacquaint us with the glories of the night sky. But there may be less starry-eyed arguments for it too.

The Shropshire site quotes a spokesperson for West Mercia Police as saying:
"The evidence from other parts of the country is that crime has actually decreased where lights have been converted to part-night lighting.”


Anonymous said...

Please tell me the public is not so brainwashed into believing that this "shut off the lights" idea is not a mean joke? Yes the lights will go out, but it's really not about saving money, if it truly were- there are other ways. This my friends is the powers that be's idea of a mean spirited and crime promoting way of demeaning the peons

Maurice said...

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