Thursday, January 30, 2014

Country Town (1943): Boston in the Second World War

Here is another film from the British Council Film Collection. I blogged about Western Isles and General Election a while ago.

Country Town dates from 1943 and paints a picture of Boston in that year. It is striking how collectivist agriculture was during World War II and how unproblematic the commentary finds this.

The producer Sydney Box and composer William Alwyn were both considerable figures in British films at the time, but I can find no record of Philip Robinson, who plays the newspaper editor.

The solution to this mystery may be that he really was a newspaper editor. The person who posted this on Youtube points out that the Robinson Family owned the Lincolnshire Standard.

And the reader who recommended this video to me particularly liked its version of modernity: "There aren't many kids around here over 10 who don't know how to use a telephone."

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Richard T said...

Boston was thinly or otherwise disguised as Flaxborough in Colin Watson's series of books. He had a cold eye for municipal idiocy and a very nice line in parody as well.