Monday, January 20, 2014

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Dr Harris on Dr Crippen


Noticing that our own Evan Harris had fallen out with the press, and reasoning that this was an unfortunate state of affairs for someone who still has political ambitions, I decided to take action. Last week I offered him the chance to write for my own newspaper, the High Leicestershire Radical. “Why not write about famous murders cases?” I advised. “People always like reading about That Sort of Thing.”

This morning his first contribution arrived at the rag’s offices. It begins: “A doctor always acts on his or her judgement of the clinical best interests of the patient. Therefore it is impossible for Crippen to have committed murder.” After a hurried conference with the editor, I drop Harris a line politely declining his offer of a piece on Bodkin Adams for next week.

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Gawain said...

Perfect -the man in a nutshell.