Friday, August 12, 2005

Britain's first political blog?

I didn't realise it at the time - chiefly because I did not know the word - but I have a strong claim to have written Britain's first political blog.

In the 2000 London Mayoral candidate I contributed a diary on behalf of her cat Whittington to the website of the Liberal Democrat candidate Susan Kramer. That website is long gone, but thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine you can still read Whittington's Diary.

Reading it today I suspect that one of us had been at the catnip. Certainly, when it became clear that Ken Livingstone was going to walk the contest I gave my fantasy free rein.

Whittington also wrote a less successful blog during the last general election, when Susan held Richmond Park for the Liberal Democrats.


Simon Titley said...

You have a short memory. Was not "Liberal Rutland" issued on wax cylinders to more technologically advanced voters during the '06 campaign?

Anonymous said...

Quite right. Feller's gettin' above himself.