Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Rector of Stiffkey

Four things you need to know about Stiffkey:
  1. It is pronounced Stewkey.
  2. Despite the 20mph speed limit, you take your life in your hands when you walk through the village as it is on a narrow main road between high flint walls with no pavements.
  3. It has a fine pub - one of the few on the North Norfolk coast that has not been renamed, gutted, panelled with stripped wood and turned into a glorified restaurant to please the owners of weekend cottages.
  4. Above all, there is the sad story of the Rector of Stiffkey. Like Mr Gladstone he did all he could to catch fallen women, but his motives were misunderstood and he was unfrocked. He became a showman and died after being savaged in Skegness by a lion called Freddie.

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Anonymous said...

I was pleased to find out from this post that 'Stiffkey' is actually
pronounced 'Stewkey'. Thanks for enlightening me!
Possibly your readers may be interested in some more information about
of Stiffkey
, as appeared in the Skegness newspapers which I
am researching.