Monday, September 05, 2005

British government bans smiling

A UK Passport Service press release sets out some of the new regulations on passport photos:
  • Applicants must submit two identical photos, which have been taken in the last month.
  • The photos should be printed on normal photographic paper and should be 45 mm x 35 mm in size.
  • The photo should show a close up of the applicant's head and shoulders so that their face covers 65-75% of the photo.
  • It should be taken against an off-white, cream or light grey plain background so that the applicant's features are clearly distinguishable against the background.
  • The photo must be of the applicant on their own, with no other people visible. It must show their full face, looking straight at the camera, with a neutral expression, with their mouth closed.
The minister quoted in the release is Andy Burnham. He may have some difficulty producing an acceptable passport photo. He still goes around with a permanent grin at the thought that he is lucky enough to live in a country which has Tony Blair as its prime minister.

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