Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lib Dem blog scandal latest

Yesterday I wrote about Paul Leake's resignation from the Lib Dem group on Durham City over attempts by the party leadership to censor his blog.

Paul writes his blog as part of the ReadMyDay project, and Geoff Wigley is its "weblog coach". ("Come on, type faster! How much do you want it?")

Geoff writes about Paul's experience on the Civic Leadership Weblog Project site. He notes:
My state legislative client, Ray Cox, knows that some of his most avid readers are members of the opposing party, scouring his blog for words that can be used against him. So he's careful, but not to the point where it cramps his style. To my knowledge, the Minnesota Republican Party has never tried to interfere with his blogging.
"The Liberal Democrats: less open than the US Republicans." It's not an inspiring slogan, is it?

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