Thursday, October 06, 2005

Is this Bonkers Hall?

One of the enduring mysteries of our time is the lack of a photographic record of Bonkers Hall - the country seat of my old friend Lord Bonkers.

Nevertheless, the Hall bears a striking resemblance to Nevill Holt, even though that house can be found just over the Leicestershire border. Nevill Holt was the home of the Cunard family in Victorian and Edwardian times and later became a boys' preparatory school.

A few years ago it closed rather suddenly, as boys' preparatory schools will. It has since been converted into flats.

There are a couple of fine views of Nevill Holt on the website of the company which supervised that conversion. Unfortunately they have set it up so that I am unable to steal the photographs and reproduce them here. There's no trust any more, is there?

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Anonymous said...

"Prepare-a-tory" school ... how apt.