Thursday, October 13, 2005

UFOs: The Secret Evidence

As I write Channel 4 is showing this documentary on flying saucers written by Nick Cook.

His case is that the phenomenon has nothing to do with little green men but can be accounted for by occasional sightings of experimental American technology. This developed the work of German scientists during World War II and was later deployed in the Cold War.

More than that, the American authorities encouraged people's interest in extraterrestrial visitors as a way of covering defence activities.

His argument is convincing, but will come as no surprise to fans of my favourite writer when I was a child: Malcolm Saville. In his Saucers Over the Moor, published in 1955, flying saucers are taking off from a secret station on Dartmoor and attracting the attention of foreign spies.

As ever, the great man was there first.

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