Sunday, October 02, 2005

Latest leads on Waltergate

The First Post usefully reprints the full transcript of Tony Blair's Today interview where he apologised for the expulsion of Walter Wolfgang:
Look, I wasn't in the conference centre at the time.
Meanwhile Oliver Kamm, loyal New Labourite that he is, does his best to blacken the character of the nation's favourite pensioner. To be fair, he finds plenty of ammunition:
Taking Wolfgang's conference article as their justification, the CND leadership tried to wrest control of Labour CND from the Trotskyites in late 1983 and 1984. They were largely unsuccessful - the IMG being good at packing meetings and organising slates for elections - though did at least gain a bare majority within Labour CND for campaigning, also and in nominal terms at least, against Soviet nuclear weapons. Needless to say, Walter Wolfgang opposed the notion that Labour CND should adopt such a stance - a minimal and pathetically transparent attempt to affect even-handedness - but was outvoted.
Walter Wolfgang is 135.

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