Sunday, June 11, 2006

Des Wilson on poker

Today's Observer has a review of Des Wilson's new book Swimming with the Devil Fish. It is a study on Britain's current obsession with poker.

Young reader's voice: But who is Des Wilson?

The reviewer, Anthony Holden, helpfully provides a summary of his career:
Des Wilson is what is used to be called, appropriately, a card. After arriving in Britain from New Zealand in the Sixties, he founded Shelter before running Friends of the Earth and the campaigns for freedom of information and lead-free petrol. The election manager for Paddy Ashdown's Liberal Democrats, he also became a bigwig at the English Cricket Board, while knocking off a couple of novels. After finally making himself some money at the BAA (post-privatisation), he is now 65 and retired.
Thanks for the tip, Catherine.

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