Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup advertising

Ten years ago, during Euro '96, Coca Cola ran an advertising campaign with the slogan: "Eat football, sleep football, drink Coca-Cola". Every time I saw it I wondered a little more grouchily what an American company knew about football.

Budweiser have learnt from this. Their campaign with the two newsreaders, like their earlier "You do the football, we'll do the beer", trades on precisely this prejudice. It won't make me drink their product, which is like gnat's piss (a gnat writes: Isn't that rather unfair?), but I do feel warmer towards them.

By contrast, if I hear someone say "Where do they get their energy from?" once more, I shall do something violent to someone high up at eDF Energy.


Joe Otten said...

The Bud campaign is funny at times, but still pathetic. Making jokes about ignorant Americans is childish and a little racist, and for an American company to do it is just cynicism.

Coca cola have a billboard near here with 'Love England' on it in red on white coke script. Honda have England themed TV ads. Who next? Volkswagen?

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

Straw poll. What's worse: multinational corporations waving the flag, or cynical politicians?