Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sven and Rooney show Blair up

The people at Blogger may be having a fun time snowboarding and eating jelly beans, but their site has not been working well for several days now. Last night I could not post at all, and I somehow doubt this will work either. [I take that back.] Raise your game, chaps.

Anyway, this is something I wrote last night but could not post...

Tony Blair's 101 per cent support for the police is starting to look pretty inadequate.This morning Sven Eriksson said of Wayne Rooney:
"I'm confident he will take part in the World Cup and he is 300 per cent confident that he will play."
Tonight it is reported that Rooney has been passed fit to play in the World Cup. Blair should learn from this. These days 101 per cent just isn't enough.

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