Thursday, June 14, 2007

Greens fall out in Brighton Pavilion

It seems that the Greens are just as given to careerism as any other political party.

The Brighton Argus reports that Caroline Lucas MEP is attempting to muscle in on Keith Taylor's patch. The local councillor has built Brighton Pavilion up into the Green Party's best prospect, achieving 21.9 per cent at the last general election.

But to be fair to the other parties, I have never before come across an ambitious politician justifying herself in quite such nauseating terms:
"A number of local party members have asked me to do so, along with others whose views I value and respect. I have therefore spent some weeks agonising over what has honestly been the most difficult decision of my life.

"Not only are there personal and family commitments to consider but also, of course, my loyalty and commitment to Keith Taylor, who is a person and a politician for whom I have great admiration and respect. I also know how much contesting this seat means to him."
Thanks to The Daily (Maybe).


Anonymous said...

But then you don't know the definition of nauseating until you've met Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Is there any difference between the two in terms of politics, or is it just personalities?

Anonymous said...

In the 2003 local elections in Brighton Pavilion, Greens got 25%. In 2007 this went up to over 30%.

In the 2004 Euros Lucas got 30% of the vote across the Pavilion constituency. In 2005 GE Taylor got just under 22%.

I don't think there are major political differences, just a feeling that Lucas might be the right person to mobilise the Green vote.

The choice will be democratic and the local members living in Brighton will decide who they want as the candidate.