Sunday, June 24, 2007

The party of the workers?

As Tim Worstall reminds us, the niece of the late Countess of Longford has just been elected to the deputy leadership of the Labour Party.

She defeated a former postman who was orphaned at 12 and left school at 15.

Up the workers!


Anonymous said...

I have attended all the party conferences over many years and from my observations the Lib Dem membership is easily the most posh of the lot.

Harman is the niece of a women whose parents were doctors, and AJ the former postie finished second. Says to me a lot about the strong sociological relationship between Labour and public service.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Lib Dems still opposing rises to the national minimum wage?

jonthanfryer said...

HH's mother is an active LibDem, and regularly attends the Kettner lunches at the National Liberal Club. So please don't clobber the family!

Anonymous said...

Also related in some way to Joe Ch amberlain (thus also to Neville), who was a cousin of some sort of Lady Longford

Liberal Polemic said...

Frankly, I had hoped we could leave class war in the last century, where it didn't exactly belong, but where it nonetheless triumphed.