Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quentin and the sheep

Matthew Parris writes:
Have you ever heard MPs bleating like sheep in the chamber? Many years ago, as parliamentary sketchwriter for The Times, I was astonished at the sound from the Labour benches when a little-known Tory backbencher rose.

“Baa, baa!” rang around the chamber. My colleague whispered the explanation. This MP had been convicted of cruelty to sheep, having been legally responsible for his farm employees’ failure to feed his flock. His name was Quentin Davies
So it was odd that Davies chose to sit next to Kali Mountford when he took his place on the Labour benches. Whatever her virtues as MP for Colne Valley, she does look remarkably like a sheep.


Paul Evans said...

She really does look a great deal like a sheep. Perhaps he found her friendly ovine appearance a source of comfort?

David said...

I checked the "They work for you" website to see if she votes like a sheep and it said "never rebels" but if you check the "Public Whip" website, you can see she does. In particular she voted to exempt private clubs from smoking bans. The NLC Smoking Room thanks her.