Friday, February 22, 2008

The return of The Zombies

A respite from this blog's obsession with the Spencer Davis Group: there is an article in today's Guardian on the 1960s British group The Zombies. They are reforming after 40 years in the face of the mythic status their album Odessey and Oracle has acquired. (I discovered it myself a couple of years ago.)

Chris White, the bass player who wrote the group's songs along with Rod Argent says:
Even till the late 70s we were seen as a curiosity - a band who never quite made it - and then slowly in the 80s and 90s you found young bands quoting it as an inspiration. [Fans include Alex Turner, Gruff Rhys, Badly Drawn Boy and Elijah Wood.] It's quite surprising to me to find that this album nobody wanted 40 years ago has become an icon. Some people have said it's their idea of the perfect album. It's all quite strange for us to be honest.
She's Not There was one of my first Sunday videos, but does not come from this album. So try this audio of the opening track Care of Cell 44 instead.

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