Saturday, May 21, 2016

Leicester march to stop the badger cull

In Leicester today, as a citizen journalist, I went along to see people assembling for the march against the badger cull. Then I met someone I knew and decided to join in.

It's a good cause. The government's cull of badgers has more to do with placating the farming vote than it does with scientific evidence for the best way of eradicating bovine TB.

While we were waiting to set off there was a speech, which turned out to be chiefly about the junior doctors' dispute with the government, and a song. The latter, as far as I could tell, was about Liz Truss having blood on her hands.

One of the attractive thing about green campaigning is that it has the potential to decouple conservative voters from the Conservative Party. That possibility was far from the organisers of today's event, but then moderate conservative people do not organise marches.

We marched from Victoria Park down New Walk to the Town Hall Square and then Jubilee Square. In the two squares where we were addressed by Danny Dyer (Badger Trust) and Mark Jones (Born Free Foundation).

At Town Hall Square a couple had just got married and they insisted on having their photos taken with us.

Later, at Jubilee Square, someone was asked to the microphone to read a poem he had written. I became a citizen journalist again and slipped away.


Phil Wainewright said...

Bovine TV. Is that one of those new Freeview channels?

Jonathan Calder said...

Yeah, but it's mostly reruns of Countryfile and All Creatures Great and Small. Don't often watch it.

crewegwyn said...

The cull in Ireland was associated with a statistically significant fall in TB. The cull in the West Country seems to have been associated with a recovery in hedgehog numbers.

Just saying.

Herbert Eppel said...

The atmosphere in Town Hall Square, with the newly-weds joining in, amazing and I dare say unique!

The poem that was read out towards the end in Jubilee Square was "What is the Truth" by Ted Hughes – see

Jonathan Calder said...

If I'd known the poem was going to be one by Ted Hughes, I would have stuck around a bit longer.