Monday, May 23, 2016

Six of the Best 599

Iain Brodie Brown is the new Mayor of Sefton: "For 36 years I have worked alongside people with mental health issues on their journey to living a full and independent life. I hope to use the opportunity that the mayoralty gives me to continue to challenge the stigma and ignorance that so often blights their lives inhibiting them from playing their full part in our communities."

"The discovery that, if you cut a ‘winner’ enough slack, eventually they’ll try to close down the game once and for all, should throw our obsession with competitiveness into question. And then we can consider how else to find value in things, other than their being ‘better’ than something else." Will Davies takes issue with the unquestioning promotion of competitiveness.

Andrew Vanacore interviews Scott Santents, a campaigner for Basic Income.

Chrissie Russell talks to Richard Louv about 'Nature Deficit Disorder'.

"The 'great smog' of 1952 may have blighted the lives of thousands of children still in the womb at the time," says John Bingham looking at a new study from Alastair Ball, an economist at Birkbeck, University of London.

Paul Walter defends the BBC - and Bargain Hunt.

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