Monday, May 02, 2016

SNP candidate wrecks one of island's two phone boxes

A phone box yesterday
The Herald brings news of Danus Skene, who is challenging Tavish Scott for the Shetland seat at Holyrood:
Prize for the worst voter outreach effort of the whole election surely goes to the SNP's Danus Skene in Shetland. Canvassing Whalsay recently, the Old Etonian crashed his car into one of only two payphones on the island, wrecking it completely. 
The locals, who don’t have the world's best mobile coverage, are reportedly livid. "I didn’t wish to deprive them of it," sighs Danus. "I don’t have an excuse or an explanation."
And they said Alistair Carmichael was unpopular up there...

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Unknown said...

If he can crash his car, he cannot be a good driver. See that he does not 'crash'the area by winning.