Monday, August 05, 2019

Jack Bond and the Jodrell Arms, Whaley Bridge

I googled Jack Bond, the former Lancashire cricketer this evening, only to find that he died last month.

Bond was Lancashire's captain in the early 1970s when they were the most feared one-day side in the country.

He was batting far down the order by then, but his leadership was central to their success.

And he was a fine fielder.

The video above shows the catch he took to remove Asif Iqbal when he looked certain to win the 1971 Gillette Cup (the premier one-day trophy in those days) for Kent.

You can read more about Bond's career in his Guardian obituary.

The reason I have been thinking of Jack Bond is that Whaley Bridge is in the news.

I spent the night at a pub there in 1982, visiting my mother and stepfather on one of their epic tours of Britain's canals.

The pub was run by two couples, and one of them was Bond and his wife.

Ray Illingworth, who was born in the same year as Bond, had just come out of retirement to captain Yorkshire at the age of 50.

I asked Bond if he planned to do the same with Lancashire.

"No," he replied, "I've got more sense."

The pub, incidentally, was the Jodrell Arms, and more googling brings the news that is has been closed and empty for years.

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