Friday, August 16, 2019

Six of the Best 881

If the Conservatives are so keen on 'the will of the people.' why haven't any of them marked the bicentenary of Peterloo massacre? A good question from Chris Dillow.

"The caricaturing of English nationalism as inherently reactionary and xenophobic has made the left and centre reluctant to hear what the English really want," says John Denham.

Matthew Wills rediscovers the lost US state of Franklin - it now forms part of Tennessee.

Josh Jones explains why Joni Mitchell, who wrote the song that defined Woodstock, didn't make it to the festival.

"Paul Nash lived in Flat 176, Queen Alexandra Mansions between 1914 and 1936 ... I would guess he moved out in 1936 because his view of St Pancras Hotel was gone due to the construction of St Pancras Town Hall, later known as Camden Town Hall on Euston Road." Robjn Cantus on the artist and the railway station.

Chris Dyson travels to Holmfirth for the beer and a Lucinda Williams gig.

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