Monday, November 04, 2019

Coronation Street writer to stand for Lib Dems in Staffordshire

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Chris Fewtrell, whose TV writing credits include Coronation Street as well as Peak Practice and Rosemary and Thyme, has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for South Staffordshire at next month's general election.

He will take on sitting Conservative MP, who is amorous fireplace salesman turned education secretary Gavin Williamson.

Fewtrell told the Express & Star:
"I feel particularly angry at some of the spurious claims made before, during and after the referendum campaign, and especially since the current Prime Minister has taken office. 
"Very many hard-working, intelligent, patriotic people voted Leave, having been deliberately misled by an alliance of speculators, media barons and politicians driven by a desire for profit, influence or career advancement. 
"These same vested interests now seem hell-bent on driving us over the no deal cliff. But we in the Liberal Democrats refuse to give up on our country and will not be silenced by the Prime Minister’s bombast and blather."

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