Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tory MP accuses Sikh opponent of "talking through his turban"

At a hustings held in St Laurence's, Church Stretton, last night Philip Dunne, the Conservative candidate for Ludlow and MP for the seat since since 2005, accused his Sikh Labour opponent of "talking through his turban".

The Shropshire Star quotes the Liberal Democrat candidate Heather Kidd, who also took part:
"The audience was obviously shocked. It was the worst kind of unthinking Tory prejudice. 
"Mr Dunne apologised quickly, but he should do so again publicly and have a big think about his attitudes, and reflect on his responsibilities. 
"The comment came 15 minutes after holier-than-thou assertions that the Conservative Party always acts on Islamophobia and prejudice, which does make you wonder. 
"If a full explanation is not forthcoming we're entitled to come to our own conclusions."
The retoxification of the Conservative Party is surely complete.

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