Sunday, November 10, 2019

Freeman's Meadow Lock and weir, Leicester

Freeman's Meadow Lock, which is right next to a weir, is still a remarkable spot. I took lots more photos there today and will share them with you another time.
So I wrote back in August having failed to recreate a shot from a 1967 issue of the Inland Waterways Association's Bulletin.

That time has come as I start to share my photos from my travels during that August holiday.

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Phil Beesley said...

Thanks for the photos. I find it a strange place and do not visit very often, turning back at the point where the Biam and Soar/canal come together. Whichever way that you arrive from the south, you cross the narrow bridge over the weir and space around the river path expands. After all of the trees on the west side, it turns into a completely different environment in a few hundred yards and I find it quite eerie. The industrial archaeology and working out how it has developed fascinates me, but I am not comfortable there.