Friday, December 18, 2020

GUEST POST The Brexit hustle

A hustle, a medieval conflict... Stuart Whomsley offers new ways of understanding the powers behind Brexit.

Brexit was always a hustle: it was always about a powerful rich elite in the UK wanting to take back control from the community of European countries in order to better exploit the ordinary person.  And in order to do so they conned many ordinary people to vote for it.

You could think of it in medieval terms. The leaders are a subgroup of the rich and powerful who wanted to claim the throne with the support of foreign powers. The foot soldiers are varied but they have an army that contains a lot of the lower educated disenfranchised ordinary folk who feel a new king will treat them better.

Hence the fuss over fish and fishing rights which is only about 0.1 per cent of the economy and employing only 24,000 people. Fishing is symbolic of us being an island nation, of the Royal Navy and fishermen ruling the waves. This whole thing has been about ruthless chaos capitalists manipulating a section of the population at a deep emotional, identity and attachment level to get what they wanted.

We were nestled into a lovely position on the chessboard of the world, better than we deserved after the dark side of the Empire. This special place was the linchpin between Europe and The USA, able to influence both; sixth biggest economy in the world, a major player, not anymore.

Germany carried the guilt of being on the bad side in the war, French the shame for falling so easily. Britain held its head high. Not any more. Now we are the fools, sold out by treasonous disaster capitalists like Rees-Mogg and the narcissist Johnson for their personal gain.

And will people wake up or react to this? Unlikely, we seem to be a passive lethargic nation who sit on our sofa and accept anything. Not the same people who protested and put fear into Thatcher and her government, but a nation of child-like emotional pygmies glued to our devices playing computer games and watching Ant and Dec.

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