Monday, December 14, 2020

How Wizzard got their revenge on Slade in 1973

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Christmas 1973 saw the ultimate battle over what would be the number one single and Slade defeated my favourites Wizzard.

But Wizzard got their revenge.

Here is their keyboard player Bill Hunt in the Guardian long ago:

Of course, Slade got the Christmas No 1 and we were No 2, but when we did it on Top Of The Pops there was a staged custard pie fight. While Slade were on, one of our drummers sneaked into the audience and hit Noddy full in the face with one. If you see the video, you’ll notice that Noddy doesn’t appear again after that, so we got our own back for not being No 1.

Sadly I cannot find the video online, but let's not question the legend.

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