Thursday, December 03, 2020

Shropshire's museum of popular British culture to stay open through December

 A story in the Shropshire Star gives me a chance to big up one of my favourite obscure museums.

Land of Lost Content, which occupies the former market hall in Craven Arms, is to open throughout December.

Its owner and curator Stella Mitchell told the Star that, like many other small businesses throughout Shropshire, her museum of British popular culture needs the support of local communities and tourists in order to survive.

She said:

"We have been operating on a booking system so we thought we might as well do that throughout this month.

"It's hard to say if we'll be rushed off our feet but we're going to be optimistic.

"We usually say people are Christmas shopping throughout December and in January they have money, which is why we stay closed, but I think people will be looking for that something different to do this year."

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