Monday, September 20, 2021

Climax Blues Band: Couldn't Get It Right

The Climax Chicago Blues Band was formed in Stafford in 1967 to play blues standards. In time, it shortened its name and broadened its repertoire into blues-tinged rock.

Couldn't Get It Right reached number 10 in the UK singles chart and number 3 in the US in 1976. Wikipedia tells a fanciful story about its genesis:

The song was recorded for their eighth studio album, Gold Plated, which was named after Pete Haycock's Veleno guitar and produced by Mike Vernon. The song was specifically written and produced after the manager of the band, Miles Copeland III, demanded that the band append a radio-friendly song to the track listing. 

The band at the time had released eight albums and although that had translated into fame, they did not have a great impact on the charts. Copeland suggested a cover version of an Elvis Presley song; this suggestion was ignored, and instead the band came up with an original composition "from absolutely nowhere".

It was simply a case of sitting in the studio, conjuring up a rhythm, appending the traditional dual vocals for which Climax Blues Band were known, and coming up with a couple of hooks. The sudden emergence of the song irritated the producer, as he thought the band had been withholding a hit from him.

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