Tuesday, September 07, 2021

The Joy of Six 1025

There are worse things in the government's Elections bill than its proposals for compulsory voter ID, says David Howarth.

"How did Labour collapse? Is the party’s 20-year decline the result of inevitable structural change, or can it be traced back to individual decisions and mistakes? To find out, the New Statesman spoke to more than 20 key figures, from former leaders and ministers to senior advisers. Could they, between them, identify ten key moments in Labour’s collapse?" Harry Lambert presents "a tragedy in ten acts".

Richard Scorer responds to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse report on the experiences of children in the care of Lambeth: "international evidence demonstrates overwhelmingly that mandatory reporting of child sex abuse by regulated activities helps protect children across society. If another Lambeth is to be avoided, this is the most important and urgent reform."

Linda Ronstadt talks about living with Parkinson’s, the perils of stardom and her sorrow at what the US-Mexico border has become.

"Families with buckets and spades joined the train at every stop, as we made our way eastwards to the point where Essex crumbles into the North Sea at the rate of two metres a year. Yet all this erosion, while reminding us of the force of the mighty elements, also delivers a perfect sandy beach – the colour of Cheddar cheese – that is ideal for sand castles and digging." The Gentle Author takes us to Walton on the Naze.

Katherine Langrish detects a strong Beauty and the Beast vibe in Jane Eyre.

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