Sunday, May 29, 2022

Adam's Mile from Market Harborough to Lubenham

Adam Mugridge was a 13-year-old boy from Lubenham who was killed cycling to school in Market Harborough in 2006.

In his memory, the old railway between the two places has recently been opened as a footpath and will one day become a cycle path - it is already surfaced at the Harborough end. 

This memorial is the result of intensive fund raising by Adam's family and the wider community. You can follow developments on the AdamSmile website.

I walked to Lubenham yesterday. The new path runs through lovely country - there were buttercups in the fields - and includes a bridge over the Welland.

When I was 13 (this was back in 1973) I wanted to explore the old railway, which went to Rugby and had closed only six years before. But if you tried to climb up the embankment behind the last house on Willow Crescent in Market Harborough, its owner would come out and tell you off.

It's much easier to walk it these days.

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