Monday, May 02, 2022

The Joy of Six 1048

"In Sussex, the Liberal Democrat district councillor Ruth Fletcher has complained about how footpaths and bike tracks were removed from a proposed housing development in Horsham after police objections." Phineas Harper says police use of the Secured by Design initiative is damaging British cities and robbing them of greenery and public amenities while promoting fear.

Barbara Ortutay and Amanda Seitz remind us Twitter has been down the "free speech" road favoured by Elon Musk before and it didn't end well.

Milli Hill argues that concern over The Family Sex Show is proper safeguarding of children not a moral panic.

"In recent years there’s been an explosion of interest and claims of diagnosis of ... [multiple personality] disorder, coincident with the rise of Tumblr and TikTok, where there are thriving communities of adolescents who claim to have dozens of 'alters' and who refer to themselves as 'systems,' along with a whole boutique identity vocabulary that they’ve developed." Freddie deBoer is concerned at the online spread of the MPD diagnosis.

James Fair asks if it's time to kill the badger cull.

"Rather like Eliot’s Four Quartets, from which he quotes liberally, Davies transcends a mere documentary study of a particular place and time into a series of ponderings on the very nature of time, place and memory." Bobby Seal watches Terence Davies's Liverpool trilogy.

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