Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Anti-Johnson Tories launch Operation Rinka

Photo of a Great Dane by edustalker at Morguefile.com

You've heard of Operation Save Big Dog, the push (prop. B. Johnson) to safeguard the position of the prime minister.

So it's natural that the Conservative MPs who want to see Boris Johnson go have named their campaign Operation Rinka.

Rinka, you will recall, was the Great Dane owned by Norman Scott, the man Jeremy Thorpe was tried with conspiring to murder. She was shot dead in what the jury apparently believed was an attempt to frighten Scott.

The Guardian has heard that Johnson now has opponents from across the party:

The source said multiple groups were angry with Johnson: lockdown sceptics, disgruntled ex-ministers and MPs from former Labour red wall seats who judged him to be failing to deliver on the levelling-up agenda. 

"It only takes a dozen letters from each group to get you close to the 54 you need [to trigger a no confidence vote in the prime minister], so it’s harder to keep them all down at once." the source said.

It's good to see poor Rinka is still remembered 47 years after her death.

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Frank Little said...

The would-be assassins are clearly waiting for the Tiverton and Wakefield results as a pretext for putting the knife in. But they have known of Johnson's failings for months. It has been a betrayal of party and country not to act long ago.