Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Lib Dems pick issues they will use to attack Liz Truss

Jane Merrick has a new leaflet she says the Lib Dems will use to attack Liz Truss when she becomes prime minister - albeit rather a cropped copy.

In her report she explains the thinking behind it:

Lib Dem strategists claim voters in Tory heartlands in southern England have voiced concerns on the doorstep about Ms Truss’ failure to offer more help with energy bills, her comments about “lazy” British workers and her commitment to British farming.

Voters in Blue Wall target seats have also expressed concern about reports Ms Truss presided over budget cuts at the Environment Agency when she was the minister responsible, leading to a doubling of discharges of raw sewage, the Lib Dems say.

People in rural communities have complained about Ms Truss pursuing trade deals with Australia and New Zealand when she was International Trade Secretary that have undermined British farming, the party claimed.


Trevor said...

Oh my god, why do you people not learn. Attacking the competition does very little for your case and opens up the door to attacks back. Spend the money and time on telling people LibDem Values and solutions and why they should vote for us. Not this childish slagging off people like a Twitter Bot. Be different be better, that will win votes.

Trevor -Member.

nigel hunter said...

Trevors comment is a valid one.We need people to vote for US and to change thought patterns into our direction.What is in the leaflet can be used as long as constructive towards pointing out how we would solve the problems ahead.