Tuesday, August 09, 2022

The Joy of Six 1067

"One of the most startling statistics in the report is that there are now eight million younger workers who have never experienced an economy that delivers a rising standard of living through wages alone." William Davies reviews Stagnation Nation, a new report from the Resolution Foundation.

For the next six months, 3300 workers in the UK will work just four days a week. This experiment has captured media and public attention as a record 70 companies voluntarily made the promise of working less a reality for their workforce. Robert Magowan looks at the potential broader social impacts of the trial on society and how campaigners are hoping to seize the opportunity to transform the norms that rule our working lives.

Zoƫ Heller on some new feminist considerations of masculinity.

"The leaked version of the Future Tours programme which reached us last month makes for concerning reading. It provides us with endless contests between the big three of the international game, England, India and Australia, whilst marginalising the rest of the Test playing nations even further than they currently are." Billy Crawford says cricket is destroying itself from within.

"They don't have wolves at London Zoo these days. Were Richard E Grant to perform the 'What piece of work is a man?' monologue in Regent's Park today, it would be to an audience of giant anteaters." Richard Luck finds that Withnail and I has a lot to say about Brexit Britain.

Visit Leicester tells us that more than 175 colourful panels have been installed across the city centre and suburbs to give residents and visitors a glimpse into the hidden histories of Leicester.

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